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14″ Wuhan China cymbal wuhan 14” china 14” china cymbal 14 wuhan china

$88.00 $65.00

Product Description

Manufactured in centuries-old traditional way
Top choice of many drummers
Available in many sizes

Type: Wuhan China Cymbal
Size: 14″ inch
Weight: Thin
Sound: Dark, Trashy

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This 14” china cymbal is hand-hammered & all hand-made. It is brand new, still in it’s bag. The 14″ size makes this cymbal perfect for fitting in a small space in a large set-up, or an affordable way to add an unusual accent to small set-up.

14″ China cymbal from Wuhan is an affordable way to add more dimension to your percussion setup. It follows the age-old tradition of cymbal manufacturing to produce a sound that’s explosive, warm, and trashy. When drummers think about China cymbals, they think about Wuhan for the way they cut through. These Wuhan cymbals are rustic, hand-made instruments & bear marks of hand-hammering. Sweet water percussionists know that Wuhan produces high-quality china cymbals, gongs, and accessories at a very reasonable price. So when you add this cymbal to your kit, you’ll rest easy knowing you got a great deal on a great product.



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